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As skilled professionals, we have extensive experience in creating expressive images at the same time making the subject look its best. We, Dubai Content Production, with all our hearts want you to enjoy quality services for advertising campaigns, trendy editorials and portrait.

Why is fashion photography so important? The reason is simple: it brings more beauty to this world. It adds new impressions to our everyday routine.

Fashion Photography in Dubai: Accessible Luxury

This kind of art is about picturing clothes collections, fashion shows, various events. Top models walking and demonstrating bold outfits, spotlights and fancy compositions make an ordinary person think of fashion as of something distant.

But modern fashion photography in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is not only for glossy magazines or runway. Every woman can put herself in a model’s place building up confidence and being eye-catching. A little bit of self-care as well as working on self-esteem can have a magical effect on your life. This may become the first wonderful step to your dream.


There’s much more to fashion photography than just knowledge of technical features and lightning. It also requires specialized skills in the beauty sphere and the gift of empathy towards models. We know what a good fashion photograph should associate with: style, spark, a bit of rebel. Fashion photography in Dubai has developed into a whole new sphere of photo art. We, in turn, keep up to date looking for new stylish ideas and implementing them.
There’s no fashion without fashion photography. People learn new trends from magazines and internet resources. Hence, trendy pictures seek to attract viewers and transfer new developments.
One of the most important things about fashion is that every shoot has to be special and super creative. Every detail matters, every shadow, and light are there for a reason. Every picture is about culture, society, zeitgeist. All these aspects require a whole team of specialists who know their business better than anyone else.

The diversity of fashion photography

It’s fascinating how many kinds of fashion photography there are:
• fashion photography alone is commercial photos on the pages of magazines; these play a key role in the fashion industry; they serve for creating a certain atmosphere that can make consumers want to buy a particular product;
• street-style photos are very popular nowadays and aim to find trendy people in the streets; it combines urban style and ability to find beauty in everyday routine;
• still-life photos show collages with pieces of clothing as well as accessories without models; it emphasizes that these products can go together and makes you want to buy the whole set;
• commercial photos enjoy great demand from online clothing stores and demonstrate looks in the best possible way.

Changes for the better

It is certain that no one can be indifferent to these chic looks. Fashion photography in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can bring out hidden potential and character traits. Who knows, what else kind of changes it can bring to your life?

If you’re a professional interested in advertising fashion photography, you can feel sure that your products are in the right hands. Dubai Content Production has Vogue portfolios and commercial photos under its belt.

If you’re a person willing to try out fashion shoots, let yourself be carried away into a world of colorful emotions, make courageous decisions and new impressions won’t be far behind.

Art gallery

On this page you can find our picture gallery that exudes vivid voguish vibes. Take a look at these pictures. Let the spring fill your heart with warm, daring energy.

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