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Bring your sweetest memories with professional videographer Dubai Content Pro, serving in Dubai (Abu Dhabi) and beyond.

Being experienced professional videographers, we at Dubai Content Pro have worked with various clients in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, produced a number of inspiring private lifestyle, romantic wedding and high-quality event coverning videos. 

Our videography portfolio created in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is versatile enough to show you that whatever comes to your mind, we can do our best to implement it. Our professional videographers team can definitely capture the viewer’s attention while shooting various high-quality professional videos.

Lifestyle Videography

Videography includes several important aspects.

Directing. This is the most important thing about making a video. It requires specialized knowledge and skills. All the work is carried with constant feedback from us.
Color correction. This process helps in making the video brighter and more colorful. It allows emphasizing key points of the story filmed. The proper color correction makes videos look professional and harmonious.
Refinement. Even though the technical requirement is essential in any videographer’s job, sometimes bright ideas suddenly dawn on us or our clients, so our cooperation can be flexible if you need it. This is what adds a bit of creativity to our job: keeping pace with change.
Editing. Choosing the right angle and editing are very creative and responsible stages of the shooting process. Our team includes professional editors that can show your story from the best side, as well as make your video captivating and gripping.
The importance of proper equipment. We use only professional equipment and tools for videography & photography. This allows getting the best results and images for our project.


Videography may become essential if you are:
• planning a wedding and want to remember this beautiful day. Wedding videos can bring about those bright emotions and make it possible to go back to one of the most important days of your life. Videographers notice small details and tell your love-story through movies;
• going to capture bride&groom’s mornings in two exceptional videos. The poignancy of these tender moments of preparation is non-transferable, but we can make a beautiful story out of it;
• launching your own shop/café. Videography is a perfect way to immerse the viewers into the atmosphere of a location. Nicely arranged video can attract clients and make this a place you want to visit and come back;
• working on your projects that may need commercials no matter if it’s Instagram accounts or even your site. We can provide you with teasers – short videos you can post on Instagram to attract viewers to watch the full version of your film.
Everything is official. Together we make a contract that takes into consideration all the nuisances. We can make a splendid video based on any idea you have – all you need to do is call us.

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